Located in Bethel Grocery, Cheyenne's Corner is your one-stop location for hunting and fishing supplies.

Come in for your live bait and check our full selection of fishing supplies. We also offer new and consigned firearms. Get your hunting or fishing equipment camouflaged in our state of the art hydrographic shop.

CCFIREARMS, located in Cheyenne's Corner, offers an opportunity to help sell your firearms. We will help to determine the value of the firearm, based on research, quality and condition of the gun. After coming to an agreement on the value of the firearm, we will do our best to help move it. For online sales we will receive a percentage of the final sale price. For in-store sales, we will either receive a percentage of the final sale price or for a monthly fee rent you a spot on the wall. All guns will be logged in record books and will only be sold to people who meet the requirements to purchase a firearm.

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